Online store

Whether you have a physical store or not, it is key to introduce your products online. This selling channel can give your business the opportunity to reach new audiences. At Lila Marketing we develop your website and you do not need to have any technical knowledge. You can focus on the product or services and pitch us your idea. Once we have a better understanding of your project, we’ll upload the products to your site and leave it ready for you to focus entirely on selling.

Simple and Responsive

At Lila Marketing we commit ourselves to create responsive and user-friendly websites in one language and currency. We also offer the service of adding extra languages and currencies.

Linked to your Social Profiles

Social Media is widely used to sell online. That’s why it should be linked to your online store. We create this link both ways so you can sell on Facebook in an intuitive manner. We will make sure that your page is properly set-up on Google and you can start investing in online advertising.

Easy to Manage

Once the website is ready to start selling online, we will hand you over the access codes and take you through the website management in a quick and easy way. You’ll gain access to your page including the virtual invoices, product descriptions and any other information you wish to modify. If you’d rather have Lila Marketing managing your online store, do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We adapt to your needs and offer different maintenance rates.

Free Quotation

As soon as you contact us and tell us more about your business, products and services, we will send you a personalised budget for your online store with no obligation. We love to discover and work on interesting projects.

Boost your sales

Forget about geographical barriers. Introduce your business into new countries having an e-commerce platform

Reach new customers

Customers are more used than ever to purchase online. Take advantage of it and reach them through your website

Promote your products

The digital world and the social networks offer you endless possibilities to promote your business

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