Nougat Tradition in one "Click"

A pioneer business committed to bring extra sweetness to every Christmas meal emerged in the heart of the most emblematic factories of Jijona

At the beginning of this century, when companies were still newbies on the Internet and the concept of an online store sounded alien, a young telecommunications student had the idea of launching his family ancient business into the digital world. Fabián López, from Jijona, created in the 2020, a digital platform where their lifelong customers could see their products and even order them via email.

Currently they have a catalog with approximately 500 products, including their own brand and other traditional brands from Jijona. Thanks to their business model, they are now present globally and keep selling throughout the year, not only at Christmas.

The peculiarity of their project is that began as a business 100% online and they maintained this business model until 2016 when they finally opened their first physical store in Jijona. “The physical store was something that many customers were asking for, they demanded to see the products and the manufacturing process“, says Fabián.

Currently online orders still represent around the 80% of their total production and according to Fabián, it would be impossible to maintain the sales volume without a very powerful digital marketing strategy. “We need to be well positioned on Google, have engagement on social media and at the same time show people the manufacturing and shipping processes“, he adds.

A few months ago, in the midst of the pandemic, they took the opportunity to come up with a new proposal that is succeeding in countless homes, the possibility to make your own nougat at home. Now they not only have finished products on their website, but they also sell the top quality ingredients used in the manufacturing process so that everyone can make their own nougat at home.

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