Italian Coffee with an Argentinian Twist

Kaffeina’s story is one of those that emerge around a table full of friends and family sharing meals

Maricel and Deomar decided to leave behind the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires to start the business of their dreams. They chose the Eixample of Valencia to sell Italian coffee. They were both raised in the culture of caring and sharing, and their 9 to 5 jobs fell far short of their life goals.

Three years ago they left their life in Argentina behind and crossed the Atlantic with their two daughters. A few months after landing in Spain, Kaffeina, the business of their dreams, opened its doors.

They started their adventure focusing on three things: the quality of their products, their genuinely Italian coffee and attracting customers that were willing to try new products.

Barely a month after opening the cafe, they decided it was time to launch their website. It use this platform to showcase their menu, their unique products, and the story behind their quality Italian coffee.

After taking taking the leap and getting their own website, Maricel and Deomar went for a well-planned Social Media Strategy. Building an online presence has lead Kaffeina in the right direction and they can now attract their target audience. We have new clients from other areas of the city who come to try our brunch and who know us thanks to social media” says Maricel. “We feel greatly fulfilled when they visit us and share pictures of our products on Instagram! That’s what makes us love this job” she adds.

Maricel and Deomar know that they must offer top quality products in order to get loyal customers, but that’s not enough. If they want their business to reach clients from outside their own neighbourhood, having a good marketing strategy is a necessary condition in a saturated market.

Kaffeina is booming, brightening up people’s breakfasts and snacks every day thanks to their digital presence. They have crossed borders and got new clients from outside of the Eixample.

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