Hairstyling in a Foreign Language

Two sisters, a small inland town and a new clientele thanks to the Internet

The reality of Trini Campos and her business has dramatically changed in the last thirty years.  The business that she had just opened in Montserrat and which her sister, Marta Campos, joined shortly after had little or nothing to do with the internet and new technologies. Two sisters, a small hairdresser in the center of a town of less than eight thousand people and a good number of clients who were quite loyal.

That’s how Marta y Trini’s Hair Salon was born, a salon that today has expanded its clientele and has changed its target audience thanks to their clear commitment to the digital world.


The sisters created their first website back in 2011. At that time, not many salon businesses dared to be online and this decision increased their competitive advantage. Not long after, they realised that when they Googled “Hairdresser in Montserrat” they were the only ones showing up. They knew how to take advantage of this competitive gap and soon after they started using Facebook.

New clients who were neither from the town nor from the country were now arriving to the saloon, it was a big surprise for the Campos sisters. The rise in temperature brought new clientele from beyond the Ribera Alta that didn’t speak a single Spanish word.

Their success did not lie in the website itself, but rather the fact of having a website was enough at the time to place them in a prominent position on Google Maps. The website lead them to a better online visibility over their competitors.

However, over the years the web that had given them so many joys was outdated and not functional for displaying on a mobile. At this point, the Campos sisters decided it was time for a change: relaunch their website with a completely renewed image, adapted to mobile devices and in four different languages.

Nowadays, internet consumption has skyrocketed as a result of the coronavirus crisis. More especially, website traffic coming from mobile devices has increased by 52% compared to the same period of the previous year.

Taking into consideration the new 2020 reality we’re living in, Marta and Trini opted for a total renovation of the website in which Spanish and Catalan represent the vast majority of the web visits, but given their experience, English and French have also been included as an extra value added for the foreign visitors.

The sisters Trini and Marta Campos have managed to leave their fears behind and to leave the management of the digital change in the hands of professionals. Thanks to their renewed image, Google visits have exponentially increased in the last few months and consequently their salon bookings.

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