A Digital Ace up the Fandos Family Sleeve

Grupo FB’s origins date back to those times where there was a knitting machine in every household

Back in the 60’s, the most famous knitting machines in Spain – the Brother knitting machines – were sold for fifteen Pesetas. Parishes and homes all around Spain had at least one of these machines. They were mainly used by seamstresses and housewives to keep their families afloat as if by magic.

It’s been more than half a century since Grupo FB started up. Two of the founder’s children and a grandchildren are today in the frontline of the family business and they reinvent themselves every day taking advantage of new technologies.

Nowadays, the Company’s customers are far from being parishes. Grupo FB is the official distributor of Brother Spain and Portugal and they sell their products to companies and individuals. According to Francisco Fandos, the manager of the firm, they owe their success to the implementation of new technologies and to their solid digital marketing strategy.

The Fandos family has made a clear commitment to online management and sales. Currently their products are distributed on a multitude of digital platforms and market places necessary to do business in the long-term and to reach foreign markets.

They have also developed their own phone app to manage their customers (both end customers and companies), their orders, their stock and other matters 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. “Today, not having a well-managed website or e-commerce is like having a store in the center of the city and not putting up a showcase, you are missing opportunities” says Fandos.

Any company that wants to grow and not to disappear, must be present in the digital world in some way“, added the manager. Grupo FB is convinced that the management of their marketing strategy has to be in the hands of professionals and they regret that often, in more traditional sectors, digital marketing is taken for granted.

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